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As a member of our family, you gain the benefits of an entire team of business & legal experts who have your professional, as well as your personal, needs in mind
Personal Branding
Our PR professionals will develop the individual promotional strategy for you.

We will predict the audience response, advise you on how to improve your image and teach you how to use communications to your advantage.

Don't be afraid of change, with us it will be for the best!
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Sponsors & partners encouragement
The list of our partners continues to grow and evolves constantly. With our agency, you can be sure that you will be offered the best deals! Working with sponsors and partners we follow stages. We analyze the attractiveness for sponsors, develop the best approach, create concepts for strategic development, collaborate with media and strike deals.

If you would like to become our partner please send an e-mail to

Legal support
Our legal department will ensure you will get the full management. We work with both Russian and international contracts. We will help you with licensing, making deals and provide you with all administrative support.

There is no need to spend your time on paperwork and study law in order to agree on the most attractive contract – we will do it for you!
Study in the USA
We advice and support at all stages of your application
to a US University degree

Negotiations with the coaches of the tennis teams about the available sports scholarships
Negotiations with the athletic departments of American universities about your possible admission to the tennis team
Training and sending out resumes and video's of students to the US Universities
Preparation for TOEFL & SAT exams; creating succesfull portfolio
Assistance in obtaining all necessary documents
Contract signing with the university

4SLAM TENNIS Academy in Spain
Partnership goal is to establish and develop sports and friendship connections between tennis players from Russia and Spain. Alexander Ostrovsky Academy students and ONE SGM clients have an opportunity to participate in training camps in Barcelona on favorable terms. Academies can exchange Wild Cards to participate in tournaments hosted by partner Academy.
Tournament organization
ONE SGM offers its clients full-service management in tournament and other sports entertainment events organization all over the world:

Venue selection (or its construction)
Cooperation with all sports federations
Collaboration with sponsors and partners
Project management
Legal support
Ticket distribution

Training activity for players
Our agency is cooperating with leading coaches and trainers who will analyze your fitness level, physical abilities, study your techniques and develop individual suggestions for the future training program.

Each program will define the amount, frequency of lessons and specialists involved.